I would love to update this right now but I'm keeping a secret and thats really all I want to talk about.

But whats going on in the now?

Loud frakking room mates!! They are having a dinner party. Which is fine, but, when there are only two extra people over, it shouldn't be THAT loud. I'm not a fan of loud people. If you're my friend and haven't noticed that by now, you're probably not my friend. I have very few friends, so that statement is probably more true than false.

Well its getting colder outside than I anticipated, so I shall go layer on more clothing.

until next time...

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soooo, a bit of background before you can understand why I'm so stoked!

So a majority of the anime i like (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Wolf's Rain...) were all composed by Yoko Kanno, and amazing composer, i just LOVE her style!!


I decided I wanted to listen to Pandora cause I like the mix sometimes, so to find some interesting stuff I used "Yoko Kanno" as a radio station, and guess what song played first!!! Let Go, by IMOGEN HEAP!!!!!

Yup, I'm thoroughly amazed. I now love Pandora, its like the best thing since sliced bread! yup, I said it! hahahaha

So needless to say I'm in a pretty good mood right now :]


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Today I was late to class. I know, shame on me. Going to bed late doesnt mean you can still get up early, but its ok, my nails look real nice now :]

In other news! I have decided that I will move to Melbourne, FL at the end of my lease! It should be fun, I really have a good feeling about it. Living by the beach has been one of my dreams ever since I first stood on the beach 7 years ago. Now its a reality! This city should be just as nice, close to the beach, close to civilization, and close to my friends. My friends of course who I aquired through my boyfriend, but none the less they are good people and people I see keeping in my life for some time!

For the first time in a great while I've got my motivation back. I have no idea where it came from. Just one day decided to give me the push I need to stay focused at work! :]

Something thats been keeping me busy at home is Halloween costumes! Yes I'm making costumes this year :D So far I'm in the process of making Tinkerbell for my friend, and then my boyfriend and I are doing Beauty and the Beast (only he'll be the human version of Beast lol). And thats just for Halloween!!

After Halloween I plan to start on my cosplay costumes for anime/scifi conventions :D My first costume I want to get started on is from and anime called Outlaw Star. The main female character, Melfina, is the girl I will be portraying. Her costume is quite simple looking, and many parts of the costume can be used again in normal everyday clothing. Very excited to get started with that.

Well I think I've run out of things to talk about today. If I think of anything else to say you will be the first to know! :]


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This blogging business is difficult for me. I need to sit down and work out a plan where I have time to work on this beauty on a regular basis.

I may end up merging this blog with my 365 project as I dont really update either that much, it will help to make my blog appear full.

ok so not that you know all about what I plan to do with this blog, I'd like to take the rest of this blog and devote it to what I've been up to lately.

A couple weeks ago I got a job at a place called Vamonos! It's this small spanish taqueria (taco place) thats just started up in the states. It's ment to resemble real spanish taco stands. The style of the restaurant is pretty neat too! I would know! I helped draw the plans for it! Lol. Well anyways, the kind of restaurant its supposed to resemble style wise is like the "fast casual". Like a Moes or a Crispers, places like those. I havent worked there yet because they just today got their C.O. :D!! So training should start on Monday I hope!

I'd love to tell you about everything else, but i need to get to work and charlie is coming for lunch


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My day is going alright. I got honked at this morning for going too slow lol. I was going down 434 to 417 and I missed 417, so I was trying to figure out a way to turn around, well it was really dark so I had to slow down to see the roads I could turn down, and when I finally did the big van behind me honked at me as I was turning the corner.

Now you’re wondering, “How in the world do you miss 417?!” Well! On Monday I left from Charlie’s house to go to school in the morning, and well, apparently they are backwards down there because I had to turn Left to go North/East on 408(/417?). So for some reason when I left my house this morning I thought I had to turn Left to go South, but I was wrong lol, good thing I didn’t get on 417 North this morning, I really would have been late to class!

Other than that my day is pretty ordinary. Del Taco, day in and day out. I don’t think we’ll ever be done with them. Which is good in a way cause they want us to do 3 Del Taco’s now. So I’m happy, but in a bittersweet sort of way, because I’m sick of Del Taco…

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...I think is something I need to work harder at.

I have been blessed with having the ability to purchase my fathers old camera. //RebelXT//

More blogging, and updates with how life progresses to come at a sooner than later date.

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because these are things i would love to get, but dont justify spending the money on it...

Bento Lunch Box

Totoro coin purse

Totoro small purse

Thats all for now... just been looking at those for the past week. just need to keep them in mind for the next time i have some extra cash i can get them :]

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Today is terrible already! and I'm already crying

There was an asshole in front of me while i was driving this morning, and i was trying to be nice to him, but he's just an asshole.

ends up he works in my building somewhere... i want to find him so i can smash his face in

(which is physically impossible if you were to see me)

then when i got to my office there was a man waiting outside of it waiting for me to open the door so that he could get to some drawings inside.

said he'd been waiting for 15 minutes...

then i sit at my desk and now theres all these conflicting instructions of a job i thought was finished and now someone has to pick up drawings that are from somewhere else and ours at the same time...

but there was a second email that mentioned none of that...

now I'm confused

its true...

you will find my name in the dictionary under "confused"

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I need to stop planning days anymore. They turn out every other way possible so there really is no point.

I'm tired of working on my day's off.

I want my day off dammit.

I dont care about the $100 anymore. I just want to leave.

Wouldnt make much of a difference now either because its starting to down pour outside and I have a good feeling it isnt going to stop anytime soon.

Yey for Fridays.

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I love that show!!

I dont know why!!

Its completely stupid!!

But I'm completely addicted!!

Cant get the intro song out of my head "Mighty BoooOOOsh" xD

or, "Future Sailors" lol, they make funny songs throughout the series.

My favorite character is Naboo. The actual shop owner of Nabootic "na-boutique"

anyways, I'm off to go see if they have a myspace so I can add their songs to my profile haha


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Yesterday was my birthday :]

I worked from 9am to 4pm at the office and 5pm to 8:30pm at the restaurant.

But after all the hours of working, I went home, took a nice shower in the bathroom that I put the shower curtain up in, and went out for a lovely dinner with my boyfriend, Charlie.

I love that boy. He makes everything ok. Until he clogs my toilet xD

Charlie gave me Final Fantasy XII for my birthday :] (now I have to get into video games again, yey!)

Well I got all prettied up for dinner! Charlie took me out to Macoroni Grill. we got there quarter after 9, and luckily they were open until 10! I had the Chicken Alfredo, and Charlie had the Marsala Ravioli(ew). We talked all through dinner, no akward parts like we had when we were first dating lol. For desert we had the Raspberry Sorbetto. Not a fan of raspberry, but when its sorbet its really good. As we were heading out of the restaurant we almost forgot our leftovers, but luckily our server cought us before we left! So now I have more than enough pasta for another dinner :]

After dinner we just headed home, and pretty much hung out and talked a lot, had my computer on so we surfed that for new stuff to talk about.

It was a very nice night :]

My birthday still isnt over! Going to the beach this weekend, and then going to see the Arkadia show. Its going to be a great day, I cant wait!


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My About Me photo make me look chubby, I am quite the contrary at 105lbs at 5'3". At the doctors tho I'm 102.8lbs, but I'm sure that's cause I hadn't ate anything in a day and a half...

Have to go to the bank today. maybe i can go in and get my address changed while I'm there... I wonder if you have a "home" bank, or if you can go to any branch and change your address...

work work work... It's only Monday. still haven't made it to the bank. If you haven't noticed I've been writing this all day. I'm really hungry too... Have to go to the bank first tho. I dont want to put it off so I'm making it a rule that I go there first, then I can eat as a reward for getting something done.

ugh, its too busy to write anymore. but i did get my address changed, my deposit in, and my toll violation paid. very productive day if you dont mind me saying. now lets just hope i can be productive for Tim(boss man).

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An amazing song for sure

On Saturday I was handed the key to my new house. A house I will be sharing with two other room mates.

Just have to get all my damned stuff moved over!

The song though, this is a bittersweet move. I love living at home but at the same time I need to be out on my own. I dont want to be a burden to mom and dad anymore. And I say this on many different levels, its not just the financial situation, but the mental one as well. I dont need to be worrying them about where I am all the time. This should be a good move though. Maybe this will bring me and my dad closer. At least thats what I hope for.

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Till i was handed a guilt trip...

Woke up in the arms of the man I love and had to rush off to work. Didnt bother me much, cuase how much better can you start out a day?

At work, I had my two cups of coffee and started in on the days work. Usually this takes a while for me to get going, but today I just jumped right in. Even took a lunch break up to McDonalds!

When I get back, theres this lovely email sitting in my outlook inbox filled with guilt.

So that was my "good day" turned, "I feel like shit" day >:]

Btw, if you're reading and your the one that sent that email. I understand how you feel. This time is difficult for both of us. I'll try my hardest to not let it happen again. I really do love you guys. I hope you know that.

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My cousin asked me how the Iron Maiden show went, and it took me a while to get around to telling him about it, so I made up by making it a very extensive description of everything that went down :] here goes:

ok, shame on me, its been a week and I havent contacted you about the concert


well now that that is over!

IT WAS AMAZINGGG!!!! like my status says, I'm still in shock! lol lets see, I had to skip two classes so that I could go. but one class was art history, where we only had to turn in a paper (and descuss the paper, but i just wrote a summary instead) and then I missed speech class, but it was a speech giving day and I had already given mine. So I drove to Charlies house, and from there Him, Steven, Keith, Rich and I hopped into Charlies car and we started our way down to Sunrise, about a 3 hour drive. oh, and we didnt make any stops lol, Steven(Charlies best friend) told us ahead of time that Charlie doesnt make stops... ever.. lol. so we made it to sunrise(the city the concert was going to be in) which is just north of miami, at the bank atlantic center. we stopped by the hotel first to drop off all our over night stuff, met up with twiggs and his gf sabrina, hung out for a bit and then headed over. we had two extra tickets so we tried to sell them before we got in the stadium, but we could only sell one. we didnt do it ilegally lol, we sold them for cost, well just the one, so we were actually in the whole, but thats what we get lol. so we headed in, thank goodness i didnt bring a bag with me or I would have had to stand in a way longer line. but then we got into the mass blob of a line for the merch booth. they had a special shirt for them visiting florida and i really wanted that one but they sold out before i got to the front of the line. so i got a different one. from there we went to our seats, and waited, and waited, and waited! then finally someone came out on stage, and it didnt look like anyone from maiden, and then a chick started singing, and it was ehhh, i didnt really like it, sounded kinda like within temptation, but more rockish, and not as much tallent. turned out to be the basists from maiden's daughter, so it was fitting in that sense, but not musically. ((this is when my phone died)) and then FINNALLY!!! Iron Maiden came out!! they started with the winston churchill video and opened with the ace of spades and then it lasted for a good two hours!! they played a lot of songs i didnt know, I'll ask charlie what some of them were later and let you know cause i remember them saying some of them were unexpected to be played at a concert. then twards the end they finally brought out the big eddie, he came out to the sarcophagus behind the stage and towered over the stage! we were up so high that we actually didnt get to see him that well except on the screens on the side. then they had futuristic eddie come out and he was at least 20' tall! he came out and the guitarist stood between the tall eddie, it was awesome! then they played number of the beast for the first of the encore songs and there were two animatronic devils on either side of the stage that were just about at tall as the tall eddie, but they were sitting, so it was just the heads moving. then shortly after it was over ;.; then in our satisfied states we headed back to the hotel for some much needed pizza and drinks. there were some pretty interesting people at the hotel, charlie smokes so we kept going down to the front of the hotel, and it was... interesting lol. by the time we werw about to go to sleep, me and charlie were the last to sleep, we tried to stay in the room, but we ran out of blankets an pillows, we stayed about 20 minutes but we both woke up at the same time shivering so we went to his car and slept there lol. we also ended up being the first to wake up lol. then when we got everyone up we headed back to charlies house. i wanted to stop by the beach but the other people that got a ride (Steven, Keith and Rich) wanted to go home right away. so we went home... no stops again lol. it was fun :]

well I hope all that makes up for not telling you about it sooner :]

anything i miss? lol

Thats it! thanks for reading :]

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"Hi my name is Sandra!"


- moving out
- money
- school


Moving Out:
Yes, you heard it! I will be moving out on the first of May. This really isnt final, but I want it to be with all my might. The only things in my way, is my boss paying me and a small lack of information needed to move out. I havent seen the lease, although I know its for a year, I am unsure of any breach of conctract fees if I decide that moving out is too much money for me to handle. So far what I've heard is that I will "feel guilty" for making them pay my share if I move back home or away before the year is up.

The house itself is adorable. Its a three bedroom two bathroom house with a large living room and a small kitchen lol. It's located close to home and a bit farther from work, but thats fine.
I think my parents want me to move out as a way to grow up and become my own person, but they werent expecting it to be for no reason at all. What I mean, is that they were thinking that I would either move away to college or move out with a husband/boyfriend. In my opinion this is a better idea, because I'll be able to do this on my own and not with the help of a college or a boyfriend/husband person. I dont want to have to rely on a man.

As far as cost goes, I'll be able to handle living on my own for a year. Its actually the perfect time because school is going to be out the day I move in and I'll be able to work more. This would be nice if I could get a consistant pay from my boss. Right now he's a week late with my check. I've also got my hostessing job on the side that I'm only counting as extra unreliable money that can be saved.

I've also got a Christmas bonus coming from the boss, and I still have my tax return that I have yet to do! I've got plans to do it wednesday night with mom, hopefully i get a hefty sum back, that would be very nice.

If all goes as planned I should be completely fine for my first year financially.

First I want to say that I will NEVER quit school. It may be a pain in my backside, and it may take all the money I ever hope to have in the future, but I'll be damned if I dont finish at least a masters in some field!

If I can pass all my classes this semester I will only have to take 4 more to finish my AA. and to me that is a godsend. To finish my AA would be probably the greatest thing in the world. Thats when I can start worrying over the next part of schooling.

If i can take two classes over the summer and two in the fall, that will give me enough time in the spring to save up mega bucks to go to University. Where? I'm not sure yet, I can only hope.


- Moving out is deffinitely a possibility.
- Money wont be as much as an issue as I thought it would be.
- School will be something attainable.

"Thank you all for listening, have a great day!"

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you ever feel like your life is set on repeat?

i feel like mines been like that for the past two years,

is this a normal feeling?

do people going through life feel the same as me?

sometimes i wish i had more motivation in me.

dont think that I am unhappy with my life, its quite the contrary

i have a wonderful life, loving parents and a great boyfriend, with some good friends as well

ah well, thats my post for today

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And that makes me one of the happiest people alive!

Yes I do realize I am at work and that I have another two hours to go, but non the less I am very happy and content at the moment.

I love my boyfriend

I just wanted to get that off my chest, I do love him and I dont think that he relizes just how much I do. He means more to me that any one outside of my family ever has. Even best friends... (sorry best friends lol, but you know what I mean, cause I know you've felt it too)

My boyfriend is a great person. He is everything I need him to be. And its ok that he doesnt text me constantly throughout the day, otherwise I would never get any work or school work done haha. It's quite healthy you could say. He's so special to me. Some of you may not see it, but he really is.


Well this is something that I dont think I've ever gone into detail with. And I need to. No you should define a relationship, but you should know what it is at least. My relationship with my boyfriend is a learning experience for me. I've never been in a relationship where I've had to think about the other person, but I like it very much . I like having him there to think about, and I love that he's probably thinking of me as well. He's great company, even if its quiet sometimes all I have to do is look into his eyes and everything is alright.

Is this lust?

In my opinion, no. Although I'm too close to see it for what it really is. But for me, he is something more than just "a learning experience" he's my love. And I mean that. The love we share is special, and only something that people who have been in love can understand, I know that because I remember a time before I loved, and I always wondered what it was like. Now I am able to say that you will know what it is when you feel and have it. It truely is a great feeling. So warm and comfertable, I just dont know how else to explain it.

Moving on?

This post was ment to be about how invcredibly hyper I am right now, but it turns out that I just talked about my boyfriend the entire time... well then, I guess thats ok. Gave me something to do and now I understand more of whats going on in my life than I did before. And for that I am thankful.

thank you for reading, whom ever you are, and please try to have as great a day as I am having.

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Nothing to look forward to today...

I did get my check, but it's no where near the amount it should be... about 200 short, and a sum that I need to have this weekend.

argh! and my cramps are still here, theres no coffee, and I have a lecture to look forward to when my dad gets home tonight.

oh I did order pizza... sorta, I ordered cheese sticks and cinna sticks from pizza hut lol.

I'm supposed to be working on a project called OLV and pretty much wrapping it up by the end of the day. I sure hope I can meet his expectations, tho coming on here and surfing myspace isnt helping.

as long as I can get done what I need to get done before the end of his meeting I should be ok.

I also think I need to cut my nails cause they are getting in the way of my typing. Not that I'm making that many errors, it just a bit of a hassel when they catch on the keys. They arent that long either, really, its not scary or anything.

I'm drinking Tea... its not the best tea, but it it is a hot drink that is keeping me warm, tho its not keeping me awake in the slightest.

I have too much that I need to be doing right now... I have to go~

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Ok thats it I'm officially pissed!

I havent got paid since dec 15.... its coming up on jan 15.... seriously?? someone fucking pay my boss or I have to leave him

Second! the boss afor mentioned has yet to move my office... its been two months now... and all my stuff is in the new office except me and my computer... I would gladly move myself if I knew how to change my email to a new computer and how to reconnect everything so that our fax machine keeps working.

Third! no music... my sound card is jacked and I'm no longer allowed to use internet radio. Thank you Nuvio phones, go die!

Fourth! I'm on my fucking period and I'm moody as hell! dont get in my way or piss me off or you will actually die.

Fith! I'm stressed as hell!! I have no idea what I'm doing at work and I only have work to look forward to tonight, and its rather irritating!

on the other hand my sweet boyfriend is braving my insanity and is coming to visit me at work tonight, I wish him luck and that my fury have mercy on him..

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So far this year hasnt particularly struck me as great...

Maybe this is a good thing though. Last year things started off great, I got a practically new car. But wait, that was on the last day of '07... maybe '08 really did start off bad, because I was broke from buying a car and three weeks into the year I got into an accident on the interstate.

So maybe this year is shaping up to be something a bit better. yea, I'm still broke, but its only because my boss cant afford to give me my paycheck.... yeah that does sound really bad. But this week he did get a check and did say that we would get paid thursday. It's a good thing I have a second job, or I wouldnt be able to afford to keep my car right now.

So that boyfriend I mentioned last post, hehe, I'm so not used to the attention. It really does make a girl feel special. :] <3 He came to my restaurant last night with his friends because I cant make it out to where he lives this week, and he's planning on coming again before the weeks out! <33

He doesnt have a job ;.; he used to, before he moved, but the economy sucks so bad right now that theres nearly nothing out there for him. His only offers so far are to work for his dads company or at a sex shop... personally I would prefer that he work with his dad cause its better money, but his dad has yet to actually set him up. I told him he should threaten his dad with the ultimatum of working at the sex shop or at the company. Which if he doesnt do soon, I'm going to lol. Sucks when people ask what your boyfriend does for a living and you have to say that he's jobless and living at home with mum and dad... but soon he'll have to get something, regardless of what it is, he neeeeeds something.

anyways I need to get back to work... thats all I got for today =]


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