so yeah, working two jobs and not liking either one really isnt good for you...

but then again going to school and not paying for it cant happen, so the two jobs has to be done.

little distractions are nice though... Like a bike ride with a camera, those are good times... just wish I had more time to do them. But alas I am currently at one of my work places and cannot spend much time here, though it seems I would have the time, I do not.

Hey ya know, who cares! I only work he one day a week, and I'm getting paid a week late! This sucks! you think that if I only came in 4 times a month they would think, "Hey, this girl needs her check when she comes in, or she wont have it for another week!" but no... they don't think like this.

Well hey, I just lied to my boss about working when I'm not, so I better get back to work... talk at ya later!

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At times I feel that I am losing my head!

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Posted by Posted by Sandra at 3/10/2008