I rather hate my job.... but who doesnt? I learn to live with a distaste for my job and it gets me raises, so whatever.

This year I lost 10lbs, and my boobs shrunk.... yey, little boobs >.>

This year I have a boyfriend

This year two of my friends lost their virginity, and no one ever told me that peer pressure could be indirect.

ugh! enough of starting sentences with "this year"

I'm just going to talk to you now, but only for a little bit cause I'm at work right now...

yeah, I think I'll type more later, its becoming a hassel to hide this window all the time...

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I just thought of something...

I often mention how men are irritating and that I just dont like to associate with them if I dont have to.

Well I realized that durring a normal day I talk to more men in my life than I do women...

If you ever see my phone you'll see that all my aim windows are men but one (Catt)
So I guess when I say I'm irritated with men, the truth simply is I'm irritated by a friend, and that just happens to me every once in a while... if your my friend, you know that about me ;]

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Hmm, I'm still getting used to this new blog format...

Not sure if I like it yet...

You might see it change a couple times over the next few hours or days :]


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Does he read my blog? I think I've given him another blog linked to this one in the past, but has he actually come round to reading this one?

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Stop thinking about him....

Is that strange, or is it normal....

I hope that it is good....


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Cant wait till Sunday....

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Was really nice.

Got to hang out with C :]

He's a pretty cool guy!

He lives far away, so I always try to hang out with him when I can, thus I was with him on a school/work night. I even skipped class last night lol. Not that it matters though, the class is only lab, she doesnt take attendence and she doesnt teach, because we are already supposed to know everything from her previous class.

But anyways! We hung out at the mall (woo... not that exciting lol) but we got to talk a lot. I was the smart one who wore heels, so we had a to take break while we were walking around lol. Well we kinda got tired of walking around, and he offered to go see a movie, (I can never turn down movies... I love them too much!!) So we saw Blindness... not a fan of the movie now, but it is a great movie, acting was great, story was great. I do agree with the critics though, it lacked depth. But overall good movie. Well after the movie we hung out in the parking lot and in my car listening to music and just talking. It was really nice :] I cant wait to be with him again <3


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Yesterday was quite the adventure!

It was my first time at Seaworld with out my parents. As sad as that sounds, Seaworld, just like other places, seems different. More free.

Well any ways, I went with the "Kg" Twins, Lg, Rg, Pb, and Mb. (The first letter is their initial, and g or b after stands for "girl" or "boy") One of the Kg twins actually works at Seaworld, so we only got to spend time with her in the morning and later evening.

We had so much fun though!! We rode Kraken like ten times, and Atlantis at least 5 times... in the rain! haha! yeah It rained throughout the after noon. Which I think was a good thing, because then my friends were more willing to get on to the wet rides hehe.

The shows were nice, and the food was good. OH! I almost forgot the divers in the oyster pool. tee hee... If you've ever been to Seaworld you know what I'm talking about. Theres a tank that divers swim in with glass on the side so you can go look at them while they pick up oysters at the bottom of the pool so that people can pick them out and open the oysters to see if they got a pearl. Well the divers were quite atractive! And everytime we passed they would recognize us, it was so cool! and they would blow under water kisses to us and bubble rings (similar to smoke rings) then we actually got oysters from them and they were really nice. The guy who got our oysters was named Charlie (that makes me laugh.... if you know me, you know why)
Well I'm at the end of my lunch and need to post on my other blog, so I'll talk to y'all later k!

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I love this man!! His music has truely made me a happier person.

I dont know how to describe how he's made living more enjoyable and worth it.

Not that life isnt worth it, it just gets very dull, irritating, and depressing...

But his music has cleared a space for the sun in my skys filled with clouds...

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So it seems that everytime I'm on here, it's been like forever! Why am I talking like that? I'm not sure, just talking to talk right now I guess...

Hey you know what? No one reads this other than my mom and my grandmother so I can put some personal things on here that my friends wouldnt be able to see because they dont know this exists! MUAHAHAHA!!!

Sorta, only now I just realized that I dont want my mom seeing what I'm about to say either..... I think I'll just have to find a way to block her from looking at this because I really want to get it off my chest... if you know what I mean.

Well until next time! I have to figure out this blocking thing first, then I'll tell you what I really want to tell you hehe <3

(ps the stop sign is me wanting to block my mom)

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So yeah... I was totally on my period last post!

Doing much better now! still lacksadaiscal in my thought, but learning to be better about it!

So this weekend me and my mum are going up to WV to visit my grandmother... or as I normally say "her mom" I didnt really grow up with Grandmother like I did with my Memaw... so its a little hard to relate. In ways its nice, because she doesnt know everything about you, so theres that to talk about, and I dont really know her that well so I get to learn what kind of person she is, pretty much everytime I see her.

In other news!

My Memaw and Papaw bought a brand new chihuahua puppy!!! its so adorable!!! I love the little thing to pieces!!

Aint she cute???!!! Her name is Precious and shes just a few weeks old... maybe a couple months... cant remember, I was too busy taking pictures and playing with her!! <333

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Ever had the feeling of "fuck-it" and just not care anymore?

I get it at least once a month, actually for me its once every three weeks because of my short ass cycle.

Things just get very irritating....

Thats when I started to think to myself.... If I had wings I could just fly away and not worry about it anymore today.

I've dreamed of having wings probably all my life. Having the ability of flight with beautiful large wings to go with it. Just melts my dreams everytime I think about them.

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Ok I need help deciding which to get!

Help me out here?

These are the ones I've narrowed it down to...

Blue and green


Pink and Wine

OK! let me know what you think!!

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Nicole S
Enc 1101-161
Core 2

Dr. Selitto
12 Apr 2008

The Color of a New Age

America has been a very vulgar country when it comes to advertising. Always advertising sneaky ways to get money from potential customers, but thats just advertising as a whole. When it comes to the product being discussed today, there have only been intriguing ploys and heart felt messages. Aside from the Macintosh and personal computer television commercials, but we are not talking about that today. Today we are talking about all of the other companies that sell affordable laptops. Most of the time the commercials of the advertisements are quick and to the point. Discussing prices and specifications that make their product ideal. Some of these also come with a heart felt message about college students that have left home and do not have the same luxuries as they would at home. The argument in and advertisement that will be discussed today will be the Dell (red) laptop computer. A laptop that has been fitted with the (red) logo with a red skinned casing that lets everyone know when you bought the computer, it was bought for a great cause.

Down the crowded streets of a well known street walks a man with shaggy brown hair in his early twenties, carrying a Dell (red) laptop. The crowds around the young man start to notice him walking with his laptop and start to follow him like he is a celebrity. The crowd and the young man start to create a parade going down the street celebrating him. The explicit argument is not verbally stated because there is no talking and no announcer voice throughout the commercial advertisement. The implicit argument is that people with love anyone with this laptop and follow them around like a celebrity. The ethos or credibility of the company is that it has been trusted for lower priced quality products for years. The logos or logic of the actual commercial is not explained by words but by the action of everyone congratulating the customer for what they have purchased. The pathos or emotion being felt is good from the crowds especially when they notice that he is carrying a Dell (red) laptop for a good cause.

The target audience for this commercial was young to mature adults because I believe that younger people may not understand. The actions portrayed have some mature themes as well, such as young women rubbing against the shaggy haired young man with the laptop like they would any attractive male celebrity walking down a public street. The target audience believes that Dell competitively priced quality laptops are worth buying on limited funds, but is now a more attractive offer when you are buying it for a charity like (red). The target audience values the ability of products like these. The ram, memory and hard drive space are a few very important things about this product, but this one is special when bought because a donation is made at the time of purchase to an organization called (red). The target audience can assume that a good portion of what they pay for the laptop will go to help dire situations in Africa from the (red) organization. They can also assume that the laptop will be adequate for the price they pay. Dell is trying to communicate that when this laptop is purchased one will feel amazing, or by what they show us through commercial, an attractive celebrity.

I was persuaded by this advertisement to buy a Dell (red) laptop, but unfortunately I am a college student and do not have the funds for such a purchase. I am in the target audience and I agree that the company has reached their target audience because it is reaching me. I agree on the beliefs being that buying a Dell (red) laptop will make you feel like a great person, because it is for a great cause. The values of helping another country are also very agreeable, as helping people less fortunate should. assuming that people already know about (red) and that Dells are a quality laptop for people with limited funds is agreeable. Ethically its agreeable because its is two big companies looking out for the greater good. The pathos is also agreeable because it plays well with ones emotions to encourage you to buy their product.

With America being such a vulgar advertising country I am glad to see that we do have a few good strands of advertising out there. Even if some of these well rounded, good sounding, heart felt advertisements are only out there to get our money, some still feel like a good message. In this case the potential customer may forget all the wrong the television has done to him with the obnoxious advertisements and let this one stand still in his mind and sink in to let him believe that Dell would want him to buy a laptop that is not only affordable but giving at the same time. With Dell you are giving back to people in need, and that is seen as a good advertisement.

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hmm, life... something I tend to think about quite often, ohwell... not much to say, I just think about it

In other news! I have a couple dolls that are very beautiful, and... well... extremely expensive! Just to give you an idea, my boy cost me $700, and thats an average cost! My little one only cost me $180. Yeah I know what you're thinking "are you insane?!?! Its just a doll!!" well, duh, its just a doll! you think I would spend that on a hamster?? lol, well I am not completely insane! My hobby is actually a good thing, and you'll find out why.

Lately I have been unhappy with my little one (which is pictured below in another post). To me she is just too small, and not enough doll to keep me satisfied. Thus I decided to sell her, hoping to get maybe $200 out of her, cause I did make her clothing, and I did buy her preorder (makes her the first of her kind). Well I put up a feeler in a very popular doll website to see if anyone would bid on her, and WOW!! they did!! The second offer was $300!!! talk about doubling your money!! so yeah I'm pretty happy...

well I've run out of time for the day, I'll post again later on, ttys

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so yeah, working two jobs and not liking either one really isnt good for you...

but then again going to school and not paying for it cant happen, so the two jobs has to be done.

little distractions are nice though... Like a bike ride with a camera, those are good times... just wish I had more time to do them. But alas I am currently at one of my work places and cannot spend much time here, though it seems I would have the time, I do not.

Hey ya know, who cares! I only work he one day a week, and I'm getting paid a week late! This sucks! you think that if I only came in 4 times a month they would think, "Hey, this girl needs her check when she comes in, or she wont have it for another week!" but no... they don't think like this.

Well hey, I just lied to my boss about working when I'm not, so I better get back to work... talk at ya later!

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At times I feel that I am losing my head!

[picture of Emi (fairyland pukipipi) ]

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Yucky news... here we go!

There are these two girls that I thought were my friends. But I find it harder and harder to convince myself that it's true. I will admit that they always let me know whats going on, but when I consistently say that I am not aloud to do such things they seem unfazed and practically ok with out my company week after week. I saw them once two weeks ago and one of them seemed very happy and the other barely noticed I was there, but that was ok, she seemed stressed, plus we never were that close, but now the cheerful one seems to be ignoring me... I tried to joke with her yesterday, but she wouldn't have it. (I really needed that cheering up too!) but nothing! not a giggle, not even an inflection in her voice! I told her I wouldn't be able to make it to their spring break plans because of my situation and all she said... "oh" THAT WAS IT! no, awh, I'm sorry Nicole, maybe next time, nothing! DO YOU CARE? Are you some how happy that I cant make it!?! I never get the feeling from them that they do care what goes on in my life... I did mention going to eat somewhere before they go off and do what I cant, but neither of them have said anything about it.

Do I need these people in my life? When they cause more stress that joy? Is it maybe the time in our live that its too stressful to care about other people? Maybe I am over reacting, I do know that I feel hurt. And I wish that they would realize that.

Just to clarify: I do want to try and be friends with these girls, they do mean a lot to me and I wouldn't want to lose them to something like this. I just wish that they would care, if only by laughing at a joke... the small things mean more to me than it seems...

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Yes folks the computer that I had a love hate relationship with finally died, no folks, I do not know why. All I can speculate is that when the power went out today that it caused a surge in my computer. Lets just say that it doesn't turn on right now... thats how ded it is. please pray to the mac gods that it might one day live again (sooner that later please, lol) so yeah... I wont be on as often from now on. Talk to y'all soon! <3

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Work is slow, you know that? It really is... but then its not I guess...
Right now I'm supposed to be doing something, but I really have no idea how to do it. I wish I knew someone that could help me... but I'm the only one I know who knows sorta what I'm doing lol...

well thats it for the day, talk to y'all later <3

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I hear these blog things are trendy, so I figured, why not? Why not start my own blog? So here I am, with my typing becoming a blog, I do hope that this continues. It would be a shame to start such a thing with out continuing the trend.

But alas, the night has come, and this One is in need of sleep for the work that comes in the morrow...

By the way, I really don't talk like that... I just needed to put something creative XD yeah, now I'm acting more like me!

See y'all later~

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