Till i was handed a guilt trip...

Woke up in the arms of the man I love and had to rush off to work. Didnt bother me much, cuase how much better can you start out a day?

At work, I had my two cups of coffee and started in on the days work. Usually this takes a while for me to get going, but today I just jumped right in. Even took a lunch break up to McDonalds!

When I get back, theres this lovely email sitting in my outlook inbox filled with guilt.

So that was my "good day" turned, "I feel like shit" day >:]

Btw, if you're reading and your the one that sent that email. I understand how you feel. This time is difficult for both of us. I'll try my hardest to not let it happen again. I really do love you guys. I hope you know that.

Posted by Posted by Sandra at 4/17/2009



--cara said...

I know you do babe, it was sent out of love, you know that, right? This is all a transition--for all of us. We're muddling through, but be patient. We only have your best interest at heart. <3