Nothing to look forward to today...

I did get my check, but it's no where near the amount it should be... about 200 short, and a sum that I need to have this weekend.

argh! and my cramps are still here, theres no coffee, and I have a lecture to look forward to when my dad gets home tonight.

oh I did order pizza... sorta, I ordered cheese sticks and cinna sticks from pizza hut lol.

I'm supposed to be working on a project called OLV and pretty much wrapping it up by the end of the day. I sure hope I can meet his expectations, tho coming on here and surfing myspace isnt helping.

as long as I can get done what I need to get done before the end of his meeting I should be ok.

I also think I need to cut my nails cause they are getting in the way of my typing. Not that I'm making that many errors, it just a bit of a hassel when they catch on the keys. They arent that long either, really, its not scary or anything.

I'm drinking Tea... its not the best tea, but it it is a hot drink that is keeping me warm, tho its not keeping me awake in the slightest.

I have too much that I need to be doing right now... I have to go~

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Ok thats it I'm officially pissed!

I havent got paid since dec 15.... its coming up on jan 15.... seriously?? someone fucking pay my boss or I have to leave him

Second! the boss afor mentioned has yet to move my office... its been two months now... and all my stuff is in the new office except me and my computer... I would gladly move myself if I knew how to change my email to a new computer and how to reconnect everything so that our fax machine keeps working.

Third! no music... my sound card is jacked and I'm no longer allowed to use internet radio. Thank you Nuvio phones, go die!

Fourth! I'm on my fucking period and I'm moody as hell! dont get in my way or piss me off or you will actually die.

Fith! I'm stressed as hell!! I have no idea what I'm doing at work and I only have work to look forward to tonight, and its rather irritating!

on the other hand my sweet boyfriend is braving my insanity and is coming to visit me at work tonight, I wish him luck and that my fury have mercy on him..

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So far this year hasnt particularly struck me as great...

Maybe this is a good thing though. Last year things started off great, I got a practically new car. But wait, that was on the last day of '07... maybe '08 really did start off bad, because I was broke from buying a car and three weeks into the year I got into an accident on the interstate.

So maybe this year is shaping up to be something a bit better. yea, I'm still broke, but its only because my boss cant afford to give me my paycheck.... yeah that does sound really bad. But this week he did get a check and did say that we would get paid thursday. It's a good thing I have a second job, or I wouldnt be able to afford to keep my car right now.

So that boyfriend I mentioned last post, hehe, I'm so not used to the attention. It really does make a girl feel special. :] <3 He came to my restaurant last night with his friends because I cant make it out to where he lives this week, and he's planning on coming again before the weeks out! <33

He doesnt have a job ;.; he used to, before he moved, but the economy sucks so bad right now that theres nearly nothing out there for him. His only offers so far are to work for his dads company or at a sex shop... personally I would prefer that he work with his dad cause its better money, but his dad has yet to actually set him up. I told him he should threaten his dad with the ultimatum of working at the sex shop or at the company. Which if he doesnt do soon, I'm going to lol. Sucks when people ask what your boyfriend does for a living and you have to say that he's jobless and living at home with mum and dad... but soon he'll have to get something, regardless of what it is, he neeeeeds something.

anyways I need to get back to work... thats all I got for today =]


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