Yucky news... here we go!

There are these two girls that I thought were my friends. But I find it harder and harder to convince myself that it's true. I will admit that they always let me know whats going on, but when I consistently say that I am not aloud to do such things they seem unfazed and practically ok with out my company week after week. I saw them once two weeks ago and one of them seemed very happy and the other barely noticed I was there, but that was ok, she seemed stressed, plus we never were that close, but now the cheerful one seems to be ignoring me... I tried to joke with her yesterday, but she wouldn't have it. (I really needed that cheering up too!) but nothing! not a giggle, not even an inflection in her voice! I told her I wouldn't be able to make it to their spring break plans because of my situation and all she said... "oh" THAT WAS IT! no, awh, I'm sorry Nicole, maybe next time, nothing! DO YOU CARE? Are you some how happy that I cant make it!?! I never get the feeling from them that they do care what goes on in my life... I did mention going to eat somewhere before they go off and do what I cant, but neither of them have said anything about it.

Do I need these people in my life? When they cause more stress that joy? Is it maybe the time in our live that its too stressful to care about other people? Maybe I am over reacting, I do know that I feel hurt. And I wish that they would realize that.

Just to clarify: I do want to try and be friends with these girls, they do mean a lot to me and I wouldn't want to lose them to something like this. I just wish that they would care, if only by laughing at a joke... the small things mean more to me than it seems...

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Yes folks the computer that I had a love hate relationship with finally died, no folks, I do not know why. All I can speculate is that when the power went out today that it caused a surge in my computer. Lets just say that it doesn't turn on right now... thats how ded it is. please pray to the mac gods that it might one day live again (sooner that later please, lol) so yeah... I wont be on as often from now on. Talk to y'all soon! <3

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Work is slow, you know that? It really is... but then its not I guess...
Right now I'm supposed to be doing something, but I really have no idea how to do it. I wish I knew someone that could help me... but I'm the only one I know who knows sorta what I'm doing lol...

well thats it for the day, talk to y'all later <3

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I hear these blog things are trendy, so I figured, why not? Why not start my own blog? So here I am, with my typing becoming a blog, I do hope that this continues. It would be a shame to start such a thing with out continuing the trend.

But alas, the night has come, and this One is in need of sleep for the work that comes in the morrow...

By the way, I really don't talk like that... I just needed to put something creative XD yeah, now I'm acting more like me!

See y'all later~

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