Today I was late to class. I know, shame on me. Going to bed late doesnt mean you can still get up early, but its ok, my nails look real nice now :]

In other news! I have decided that I will move to Melbourne, FL at the end of my lease! It should be fun, I really have a good feeling about it. Living by the beach has been one of my dreams ever since I first stood on the beach 7 years ago. Now its a reality! This city should be just as nice, close to the beach, close to civilization, and close to my friends. My friends of course who I aquired through my boyfriend, but none the less they are good people and people I see keeping in my life for some time!

For the first time in a great while I've got my motivation back. I have no idea where it came from. Just one day decided to give me the push I need to stay focused at work! :]

Something thats been keeping me busy at home is Halloween costumes! Yes I'm making costumes this year :D So far I'm in the process of making Tinkerbell for my friend, and then my boyfriend and I are doing Beauty and the Beast (only he'll be the human version of Beast lol). And thats just for Halloween!!

After Halloween I plan to start on my cosplay costumes for anime/scifi conventions :D My first costume I want to get started on is from and anime called Outlaw Star. The main female character, Melfina, is the girl I will be portraying. Her costume is quite simple looking, and many parts of the costume can be used again in normal everyday clothing. Very excited to get started with that.

Well I think I've run out of things to talk about today. If I think of anything else to say you will be the first to know! :]


Posted by Posted by Sandra at 10/09/2009