Today is terrible already! and I'm already crying

There was an asshole in front of me while i was driving this morning, and i was trying to be nice to him, but he's just an asshole.

ends up he works in my building somewhere... i want to find him so i can smash his face in

(which is physically impossible if you were to see me)

then when i got to my office there was a man waiting outside of it waiting for me to open the door so that he could get to some drawings inside.

said he'd been waiting for 15 minutes...

then i sit at my desk and now theres all these conflicting instructions of a job i thought was finished and now someone has to pick up drawings that are from somewhere else and ours at the same time...

but there was a second email that mentioned none of that...

now I'm confused

its true...

you will find my name in the dictionary under "confused"

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I need to stop planning days anymore. They turn out every other way possible so there really is no point.

I'm tired of working on my day's off.

I want my day off dammit.

I dont care about the $100 anymore. I just want to leave.

Wouldnt make much of a difference now either because its starting to down pour outside and I have a good feeling it isnt going to stop anytime soon.

Yey for Fridays.

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I love that show!!

I dont know why!!

Its completely stupid!!

But I'm completely addicted!!

Cant get the intro song out of my head "Mighty BoooOOOsh" xD

or, "Future Sailors" lol, they make funny songs throughout the series.

My favorite character is Naboo. The actual shop owner of Nabootic "na-boutique"

anyways, I'm off to go see if they have a myspace so I can add their songs to my profile haha


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Yesterday was my birthday :]

I worked from 9am to 4pm at the office and 5pm to 8:30pm at the restaurant.

But after all the hours of working, I went home, took a nice shower in the bathroom that I put the shower curtain up in, and went out for a lovely dinner with my boyfriend, Charlie.

I love that boy. He makes everything ok. Until he clogs my toilet xD

Charlie gave me Final Fantasy XII for my birthday :] (now I have to get into video games again, yey!)

Well I got all prettied up for dinner! Charlie took me out to Macoroni Grill. we got there quarter after 9, and luckily they were open until 10! I had the Chicken Alfredo, and Charlie had the Marsala Ravioli(ew). We talked all through dinner, no akward parts like we had when we were first dating lol. For desert we had the Raspberry Sorbetto. Not a fan of raspberry, but when its sorbet its really good. As we were heading out of the restaurant we almost forgot our leftovers, but luckily our server cought us before we left! So now I have more than enough pasta for another dinner :]

After dinner we just headed home, and pretty much hung out and talked a lot, had my computer on so we surfed that for new stuff to talk about.

It was a very nice night :]

My birthday still isnt over! Going to the beach this weekend, and then going to see the Arkadia show. Its going to be a great day, I cant wait!


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My About Me photo make me look chubby, I am quite the contrary at 105lbs at 5'3". At the doctors tho I'm 102.8lbs, but I'm sure that's cause I hadn't ate anything in a day and a half...

Have to go to the bank today. maybe i can go in and get my address changed while I'm there... I wonder if you have a "home" bank, or if you can go to any branch and change your address...

work work work... It's only Monday. still haven't made it to the bank. If you haven't noticed I've been writing this all day. I'm really hungry too... Have to go to the bank first tho. I dont want to put it off so I'm making it a rule that I go there first, then I can eat as a reward for getting something done.

ugh, its too busy to write anymore. but i did get my address changed, my deposit in, and my toll violation paid. very productive day if you dont mind me saying. now lets just hope i can be productive for Tim(boss man).

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An amazing song for sure

On Saturday I was handed the key to my new house. A house I will be sharing with two other room mates.

Just have to get all my damned stuff moved over!

The song though, this is a bittersweet move. I love living at home but at the same time I need to be out on my own. I dont want to be a burden to mom and dad anymore. And I say this on many different levels, its not just the financial situation, but the mental one as well. I dont need to be worrying them about where I am all the time. This should be a good move though. Maybe this will bring me and my dad closer. At least thats what I hope for.

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