So yeah... I was totally on my period last post!

Doing much better now! still lacksadaiscal in my thought, but learning to be better about it!

So this weekend me and my mum are going up to WV to visit my grandmother... or as I normally say "her mom" I didnt really grow up with Grandmother like I did with my Memaw... so its a little hard to relate. In ways its nice, because she doesnt know everything about you, so theres that to talk about, and I dont really know her that well so I get to learn what kind of person she is, pretty much everytime I see her.

In other news!

My Memaw and Papaw bought a brand new chihuahua puppy!!! its so adorable!!! I love the little thing to pieces!!

Aint she cute???!!! Her name is Precious and shes just a few weeks old... maybe a couple months... cant remember, I was too busy taking pictures and playing with her!! <333

Posted by Posted by Sandra at 8/14/2008



Ever had the feeling of "fuck-it" and just not care anymore?

I get it at least once a month, actually for me its once every three weeks because of my short ass cycle.

Things just get very irritating....

Thats when I started to think to myself.... If I had wings I could just fly away and not worry about it anymore today.

I've dreamed of having wings probably all my life. Having the ability of flight with beautiful large wings to go with it. Just melts my dreams everytime I think about them.

Posted by Posted by Sandra at 8/05/2008